Day 16: A child’s diary

Wednesday, 1st April

Today, my 10-year old daughter is taking over. Here are her thoughts:

“Today is the 1st of April: coool! I wake up extra early to start getting my tricks ready. First, I cover the toilet seat with cellophane. Mum nearly gets caught but sees through my trick at the last minute 🙁

“Then I fill the cushions on the couch with nice, hard books so that anyone sitting on them will regret it! Finally, I carefully place toys on the top of the door for them to rain down on anyone trying to enter my room. I also put chili on my brother’s cake. Unfortunately, he finds it tasty!

“More seriously: in the beginning, I found confinement difficult. Now, I have got used to it, and we have found lots of ways of not getting bored: we go to our shared garden and water the plants, we run, we play. My friends and I have created a WhatsApp group where we talk about the sci-fi book we’re writing together. My mum and I bake cakes. I write in a diary. And I even play with my little brother! We managed to convince mum and dad to swap bedrooms – I’m really happy to have a bigger room!

“I hope school will open again soon so I can see my friends. I’d like to go back to volleyball and scouts, and hope we’ll still manage to put on a play with my drama class at the end of the school year!”

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