Days 26 to 28: Easter weekend

11th, 12th and 13th April

Urban fun

On Saturday, I take the kids out for a bit of urban fun (not forgetting the attestations, of course). They grab their scooters and off we go for a walk through the Croix Rousse in the blazing sunshine. We head to one of my favourite spots to admire the breathtaking view over the Fourvière hill and its basilica perched on top.

Admiring the view over to the Colline de Fourvière

We get some naughty fizzy drinks and the kids have some fun sliding down urban furniture before we head back home.

Urban fun

Egg hunt

On Sunday, the kids wake me up with coffee in bed, asking when are we going on the egg hunt. I zip over to our shared garden to hide some chocolate eggs and bunnies. My 10-year old, who’s been saying she’s waaay too old for this, is nearly more excited than her little brother. By 10am, they are having a major Easter sugar rush! We paint eggs while Otherhalf cooks lunch which involves a boeuf bourgignon and a tarte tatin. I speak to my father, 400 kilometres away, who is cooking himself a leg of lamb and opening a nice bottle of wine. I wish we could be together. Hopefully soon.

Towards a new world order?

We are so privileged in our confinement. I read articles in Le Monde by Bill Gates and Thomas Piketty, calling for a systemic change of our economic governance and the need to lead a global, united fight against the virus. Their premise is simple: those of us living in so-called “rich countries” cannot afford not to help those living in poorer countries or we will all pay the price. Brilliant, inspiring minds which I hope will have some impact on our political leaders.

On Monday evening, we watch president Macron’s long-awaited speech: he praises the French and tells us we need to hold out another month, until the 11th of May. From that date, schools will start reopening, and people will start going back to work. It is earlier than I had anticipated. Good. Let’s hope we can keep it up, and that the French government can deliver the crucial tests needed for de-confinement.

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