Day 33: Going on Staycation

Saturday, 18th April

Rediscovering our neighbourhood

The kids’ Easter holidays have started. We go on adventures on our bikes within – more or less – the authorised kilometre of our picturesque neighbourhood, cycling down narrow roads we had never taken before that lead down to the river. We even discover a little wood we didn’t know existed within just 1 km from our home!

We bump into some of the kids’ school friends on the square near our home. While the children run around burning off energy, I chat with the parents. One mother tells me a funny story about how she felt the urge to hug a tree the other day. I totally get it: though we have chosen to live in town, many of us head to the countryside at weekends to reconnect with nature. Lyon is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. A month of confinement is leading to withdrawal symptoms!

Cosy holidays

The weather forecast is for rain in the coming days, which will be great for the plants since we can no longer water them as someone has put a lock on the gate of our shared garden. I am working on a schedule involving games, baking, popcorn, and general cosy stuff. My son’s teacher has also provided us with a wealth of ideas for creative fun in the coming days.

The kids have built a den in my son’s bedroom with mattresses all over the floor. Tonight, as part of our children’s film classics retrospective, we watch “Jumanji” (which I had never seen). They are deliciously terrified by the creatures and delighted to be sleeping in the same room!

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